About Us


 When I was born my parents had a sable male collie FIN CH Friby´n Michael “Dani”. Dani was a beautiful dark sable with self-confident and calm temperament. He will always have a special place in my heart. 


After Dani died we lived 10 years without a dog! In 2000 my mom bumped into Jaana Laitinen (Friby´n) in a store and happened to ask her is there any puppies planned. And yes there was. May 2001 a litter of six puppies (2 bitches, 4males) was born (sire Friby´n Uppo-Nalle, dam Ketopin Lolitas Lulu). We wanted the only sable bitch, but she was already reserved. We thought tricolours were ugly compared to sables, but now I´m grateful for that tricolour bitch, who was to be my “once in a lifetime”- collie and my foundation bitch.


Nelly (Bh Tk 1 Friby´n Onsdag Flicka 2001-2012) grew and I was eager to learn everything I could about collies. Little by little I got interested in dog sports. By far I´ve trained agility, searching, tracking and obedience with my collies.



Soon came the time for a second collie, in September 2004 Helmi (Bh Danlyn Wanity Fair) moved to us. She was placed with breeding terms by her owner Jaana Pajunen, Juniperhill´s collies. In 2006 Helmi had a litter of five puppies at kennel Juniperhill´s. Nowadays Helmi lives with my mom as she never adjusted herself to our growing pack. Due to some health problems of Helmi and her puppies I decided not to breed from her anymore. She was spayed due to pyometra in August 2010.


In Autumn 2005 it was time for a third collie. Tikru (Bh Deathless My Wild Love) travelled long way from the Northern Finland to live with her co-owner Eila in Pyhäranta. 


First Leaftribe litter of five tricolour puppies (2 bitches, 3 males) was born August 2006 to Nelly. Litter is sired by Go-West Vom Hause Reinhard (German imp.). Nelly was an excellent mother, but unfortunately she only had this one litter.


The other bitch “little Nelly” Keena (Bh Tk 1 Leaftribe My Black Dahlia) stayed at home as I fell in love with her as soon as I first saw her. One of the males, Blacky (Bh Leaftribe Old Black Joe) is co-owned by my father. Unfortunately Keena never had puppies, she was spayed due to pyometra in 2011.



The whole Black-litter is hip & elbow- examined, all five of them healthy. Eyes are good also, four healthy, one had slight crd as a puppy (go-normal). Leaftribe Old Black Joe & L. Black Pearl are genetically cea carriers (+/-).

All five of them have been shown; three have several CC´s, one has 2nd Excellent and one has VG. Three of them have approved BH-test (behaviour test) and two has 1st prize from Obedience beginner´s class and one has 3rd prize from Obedience

beginner´s class. One of them is competing in search trials.  


At the beginning of 2007 an adult blue merle bitch flew from Israel to join us. INT ISR EST Ch Storm Cloud of Netiv Ha´Ayit “Lulie” was co-owned with Päivi Kaski (Ghost Story´s). Unfortunately we didn´t manage to breed from Lulie anymore, but she was happily living with Päivi at Ghost Story´s. Lulie was put to sleep in the summer 2012 at the age of 12 years.



January 2008 Tikru was mated to Blacky and we had a litter of four puppies. The only male “Becks” (Leaftribe Sunbeam Tiger) is co-owned. At 5 months age “Pipa” (Leaftribe Tiger Trouble) was returned and now she is co- owned by Miia Kallunki (kennel Polar Glacier). Three puppies of the litter are hip & elbow- examined, results being D/D, B/B and A/A, all clear in elbows, 3 eye clear and one crd. Three of them are shown, all have excellents and placings in their class.


2009 we purchased two new hopes for the future: Blacky´s tricolour daughter Bh Windy Forest´s Unique Melody "Inga" and Blacky´s tricolour son Brudholmens Black Intenzo "Enzo" (Swedish imp.)


Spring 2010 Tikru was mated to Malinallin Watch Me Now and we had a litter of five sable puppies, unfortunately the other bitch puppy died of heart disease at the age of five weeks. Sable bitch Leaftribe White Lie “Lumi” is placed with breeding terms.


Spring 2011 Inga was mated to GB imp. SE FI UCH KORAD Danfrebek Design De Luxe, who is living in Sweden. We got three tricolour puppies, of which we kept the only bitch, Leaftribe Barefoot Bliss “Aida”.


2011 we had more additions to our pack: Enzo´s daughter, finally a blue merle bitch, Fluffy Goblin´s Inside Joke “Sylvi” and  I also imported a Blacky son from Norway, Ellygene´s Aragon “Otto”. They are both placed with breeding terms.

Also a little Hungarian girl “Isla” (Killinworth Black Very Famous Star) flew to Finland, she is co-owned with kennel Juniperhill´s.

5th Leaftribe litter, which is bred by Tikru´s owner Eila Leppänen, was born in February 2012.  Deathless My Wild Love "Tikru" was planned to be mated to a different male, but she didn´t approve any other males besides Blacky, so she was mated to him again. Yet again, she had a litter of five puppies; three sable bitches, one tricolour bitch and one sable male. Unfortunately the only male puppy was put to sleep at the age of three days due to suspected hydrocephalus.  The tricolour bitch, Leaftribe Frog Princess "Tetti" is placed with breeding terms.

Year 2012 was a year of joy and sorrow. 6th and 7th litters were born in the autumn, Leaftribe White Lie "Lumi" gave birth to four puppies, 2 tricolour males and 2 sable bitches. Snow-litter is sired by Fluffy Goblin´s Ghost Rider "Hupi", son of Leaftribe Painted Black. Leaftribe Secret Snow "Hilda" is placed with breeding terms. 7th litter was born to Ghost Story´s Tempera "Tella" and Brudholmens Black Intenzo "Enzo", line bred to Bh Tk 1 Friby´n Onsdag Flicka and Go-West Vom Hause Reinhard. 3 tricolour males and 2 tricolour bitches were born, one bitch stayed at home.

At the end of 2012 The grand old lady, leader of our pack Bh TK 1 Friby´n Onsdag Flicka "Nelly" suddenly got sick and tumour was found in her pancrea. We had to let her go on December 4th, just a day after her double great-granddaughter  Leaftribe Dahlia Noir "Neela" stayed at home from our Noir-litter. We shall see how Neela developes but one thing I know for sure, she will be something special to me.   

Year 2013 started with a big litter of 9 puppies (the only tri bitch died right after birth), first blue merle puppies ever born at Leaftribe. Me/My- litter is sired by C.I.B EE LV Ch BH Leaftribe Old Black Joe "Blacky" and the dam is BH Fluffy Goblin´s Inside Joke "Sylvi". Puppies are line bred to L. Old Black Joe. I wasn´t planning to keep anything at home, but since we finally got FOUR blue merle bitches in one litter, I had to keep one, so Leaftribe Words Fail Me "Olga" stayed. Blue merle male Leaftribe All Eyes On Me "Pulssi" went to live with Blacky-daddy and Enzo- granddad.

In the autumn 2013 Leaftribe Barefoot Bliss "Aida" was mated to Leaftribe Sunbeam Tiger "Becks" and we got five puppies, plus one born dead. Aida was a wonderful mom and the litter was promising. Tricolour bitch Leaftribe Devil In Disguise "Mimi" is co-owned with kennel Blue Suede´s. Leaftribe Devil Wears Prada "Prada" went to live to Windy Forest´s kennel.

Summer 2014 was dedicated to dog shows and we did quite well, several Best Male/Best Bitch- placings to Leaftribe collies, also L. All Eyes On Me and L. Devil In Disguise gained EE JCH-titles. 

Also one litter was born this year, a dream come true: our Russian import BALT EE LV LT JCH Fridens Eva Langoria was mated to C.I.B EE LV CH BH Leaftribe Old Black Joe and we got 6 beautiful puppies. I placed both blue merle girls with breeding terms.

The beginning of 2015 was full of sorrow. L. Words Fail Me "Olga" was mated and she gave birth to three dead puppies, luckily Olga herself is doing well after losing her puppies. L. Barefoot Bliss "Aida" got an injury last year and after several antibiotics, x-rays and attempts to save her, we had to let her go to join Nelly in heaven. She is so very much missed.

Summer 2015 we had three litters. Two litters out of import males and one litter line bred to Blacky. L. Dahlia Noir "Neela" offered us five tricolour male puppies sired by Ladnar Kissmaster (imp.UK), all very nice in temperament. Also BH Windy Forest´s Unique Melody gave birth to two male puppies, they are sired by Carnoustie´s Diamonds Are Forever, the puppies are line bred to Ch Leaftribe Old Black Joe. Leaftribe Frog Princess "Tetti" was mated to Keyline Fuoriclasse (imp.Italy) and finally we got bitches! We got 5 bitches and 2 males.

We have some litters planned for 2016, stay tuned!

If you are interested in our future plans or our males, feel free to contact me: linda.lehtiheimo@gmail.com or +358-40-8227666.

Leaftribe collies are living as family dogs inside the house, we don´t have any kennels. I am currently the chairman of Finnish Collie Club´s subdivision of Satakunta (Jan 2009- ), I have also been the subeditor of Finnish Collie Club´s magazine (Jan 2009- Dec 2012 )nepanouto.jpg