Tribute to BH TK 1 Friby´n Onsdag Flicka "Nelly"

May 9th, 2001- December 4th, 2012














Dam of:


C.I.B EE LV CH BH Leaftribe Old Black Joe, who has to date pruduced 19 different CC-winners, several National and International Champions. TOP STUD COLLIE in Finland 2012 & 2013.


FI EE CH BH TK 1 Leaftribe My Black Dahlia, approved Behaviour Test, Obedience Open class, Search 1st class. No litters.


2x CC-winner Leaftribe Black Pearl, who has 2 litters of which C.I.B EE Ch Ghost Story´s Dragonera


Leaftribe Painted Black, who has 1 litter of which CC-winner Fluffy Goblin´s Ghost Rider.


BH Leaftribe Black As Night, approved Behaviour Test, Obedience Beginner´s class 1st prize. No litters.



(dogs above are sired by Go-West Vom Hause Reinhard)













  Black Pearl                                                                     Painted Black                                                                                      Old Black Joe                                                               











                                                                                          My Black Dahlia

Black As Night (pic by Satu Havukainen)



Nelly was one of those once in a lifetime- dogs. She was elegant, very feminine bitch moving effortlessly and boy did she love to move. Her life was all about running and playing, she never got tired of playing. Still at the age of 11,5 years she played every day. She used to hide a small toy, sock or a bone in her mouth when we went for a walk.

She was such an easy dog to train with, she was always ready for action, agility, obedience, searching, shows, you name it- she was ready!


Everything Nelly did, she did with all her heart, whether it was barking or nursing her litter. She was very kind and always fair to other dogs, she was the unquestioned leader in our pack and she never ever had a fight in her life. If other dogs were fighting, she just sailed to the scene and that was enough. 

As a producer I feel she was valuable even though she only had one litter, five tricolours. Gladly three of her five puppies has offspring and I can see a lot of Nelly in her great-grandkids too. Actually I have her great-granddaughter at home and she has many same qualities as Nelly did and I´m hoping she will be our pack leader in the future.

At the moment Nelly is behind 9 out of 10 Leaftribe litters, she has grandchildren and great-grandchildren all over the world. Her puppies have won in total 17 CC´s.


I am very grateful for the priviledge of owning this wonderful lady and I will always cherish her memory.


Rest In Peace, my darling.

“The moon will rise, the sun will set
But I won't forget.”